Founder & Board


Jack Sim pro shotJack Sim is the founder of BoP Hub and the World Toilet Organization. Between the age of 24 to 40, Jack launched 16 businesses in Singapore. However, after experiencing the futility of focusing only on financial gain, he retired from the business and dedicated himself full-time to humanitarian causes on a pro bono basis. As an Ashoka Global Fellow (2007), a Schwab World Economic Forum Fellow, and a Synergos Senior Fellow (2013), Jack’s boldness, insight and perseverance has been widely recognized.

Among his many accolades, Jack was named Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur of the Year in 2006; Asian Development Bank Water Champion in 2007; TIME Magazine Hero of the Environment in 2008; Channel News Asia Asian of the Year in 2009; and Reader’s Digest Asian of the Year in 2011.

Jack is a firm believer in the economic empowerment of the poor. He established BoP Hub to provide a vehicle for partners in every industry and sector to collaborate and accelerate effective social business models focused at the base of the pyramid.


BoP Hub is honored by the commitment of our esteemed board members:

  • Jack Sim, Founder, BoP Hub and World Toilet Organisation
  • Daniel Goldman, Board Member Entrepreneurial Leader
  • Leon Toh, Executive Director, Damson Capital, Singapore
  • Leon van Mullekom, Non-Executive Director, BoP Hub
  • Liu Yan, Co-Founder, School of Gumption
  • Roberto Fabbri, Entrepreneur, Adviser to private corporations

Daniel Goldman

Daniel GoldmanDaniel Goldman has been an entrepreneurial leader to engage and educate communities and technology for good most of his life. He spends most of his time on future facing initiatives, often building communities of trust and collaboration, and practical execution.
He started building games and educational application on calculator at the age of 7. Daniel built the leading online community, Inner Circle, before the public internet and was senior developer on the ground breaking game SimCity.
He founded Total Entertainment Network (now POGO), an early online community bought by Electronic Art. He has built teams with talent who have gone on to win awards and create billion dollar companies. He lead innovation work with the EPA and WHO,. He has raised over $50 million for technology and media companies, creating products and services used by millions. His service on non- and for-profit boards, includes Netcom, the first internet company to go public, Climate Cartoons , the Al Gore endorsed non-profit, founded by the people behind Tri-star and Colossal Pictures, in Singapore, and Communitere International.
Daniel began mentoring and angel investing in 1997 with Ellie Mae, which went public in 2011 and currently trades at more than 18x its go to market price. He speaks and supports entrepreneurship, collaboration, start ups, and economic development around the world. He and his work have been included in publications from the SF Chronicle to Time magazine.
Since Daniel’s focus is supporting people making positive world change through entrepreneurship and place.
He has a BA in Computer Science from UC Berkeley and did graduate studies in Cognitive Neuroscience at Columbia.

Leon Toh

Leon TohLeon Toh is the executive director of impact investment holdings company, Damson Capital in Singapore. He has dedicated his career to supporting social entrepreneurs seeking to create sustained positive change through enterprise. Damson focuses on social impact investments, enterprise development, and impact innovation within Asia. Leon is an advocate for BoP Hub as a means of supporting the growth of Social Entrepreneurs. On the personal front, Leon is passionate about Education and serves on the UWC Council in London, supporting the education of young changemakers from over 150 countries in 17 countries and Chairs the UWC National Committee of Singapore, selecting young Singaporean Change-makers to study in the UWC network for their pre-university education.

Leon van Mullekom

Leon van MullekomLeon van Mullekom is a volunteer non-executive director of BoP-Hub, and joined via the Centre of Non-Profit Leadership in Singapore. He is focussing on rural markets and development of sustainable new business models and revenue streams.
Leon has more than 10 years of experience in the rural markets of the Middle East and South-East Asia. As Business Area Director, Crop Protection ASEAN and Country Manager Turkey for BASF, one of the largest chemical companies in the world, he initiated and implemented strategic collaboration projects with NGOs to develop the companies’ sustainable business practises. He participated in various public panel discussions and press conferences on sustainability and successfully prepared and implemented the companies’ entry into new markets like Myanmar. As Chairman of the Board of ZIMID, the crop protection association of Turkey, he initiated a new approach to lobbying and governmental affairs management. With the board, he also started several key projects to ensure sustainable business development. In his previous functions in Europe, he worked on antitrust clearing, divestment team support and due diligence investigations as part of the internal merger group.
Leon holds a Bachelor degree from the Agricultural University for Applied Science in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands with a major in Horticulture.

Liu Yan

Liu YanAn entrepreneur for the last decade, mainly focused in the area of co-working, social innovation and creative leadership. My entrepreneurial journey began with my strong belief that co-creation among multiple stakeholders is the most exciting and effective way to solve the most complex problems in the world.

In 2008, I co-founded the first co-working space in China – XINDANWEI listed as FastCompany’s “The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in China” in 2013. We have served nearly 15,000 paid co-workers across multi-sectors and disciplines in design, tech, art and lifestyle. I have written a free-downloadable bi-lingual book “Coworking Manuel” to allow others to replicate our model in China and worldwide.FROM COWORKING TO CO-LEARNING AND CO-CREATION:
In 2013, I founded ASK LAB, an innovation crowd-sourcing company, to shift my focus from co-working space to the cultivation and facilitation of learning, co-creation and accelerating the development of great people and great projects.CO-FOUNDED China Australian Millennium Project (C.A.M.P)
In September 2014, I cofounded and curated The China Australian Millennium Project (C.A.M.P), a unique 100 day part-time incubator program including (12-week online plus the 5 day Summit in Sydney), designed to train, mentor and empower emerging young Australian and Chinese leaders and entrepreneurs. It began with on-line collaboration followed by workshops in Sydney where teams tackled the 20 most important societal challenges.DESIGN AND FACILITATE CO-CREATION AND INNOVATION LEARNING PROGRAM:
In the past 5 years, I have been providing co-creation, experiential learning, design thinking and innovation training solutions to C-level corporate executives and young innovators. I co-designed learning program of “Cross Cultural Leadership” with a focus on helping youth and leaders build empathy, skills and a mindset of leading and collaborating in a globalized world, blending Western and Eastern thinking.CO-FOUNDED SCHOOL OF GUMPTION TO REINVENT EDUCATION:
As a subsidiary of BoP Hub, School of Gumption’s mission is to grow change-makers with the CAN-DO attitude of Silicon Valley and the HOLISTIC MINDSETS of Eastern Wisdom Traditions. I serve as the Chief Impact Officer of the team.

Roberto Fabbri

Roberto FabbriEntrepreneur, Advisor to private corporations, Roberto has been residing in Singapore for over 30 years. Passionate about the environment, sustainability and empowering people to emerge from poverty. He served as Centre Director for the Singapore Economic Development Board in Italy and has contributed to several articles and publications on South East Asia.